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What is your day Rate?

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What's a Hold? What's a 2nd Hold? Challenge? & a Booking?

Our industry is fickle and scheduling is volatile.


Holds are customary 'earmarks' for our business that allow flexibility as schedules shift.

A hold is a claim on the date(s).

A second hold is a secondary claim on the exact date(s).

Holds are free of charge!

A Challenge is made to a Hold when one is ready to confirm a booking.

The party Holding the date(s) has 24 hrs to confirm their Booking before it is released to the Challenger.

The Challenger is obligated to sign our rental contract once any challenged Hold is released.

A Booking is made when a contract is signed & 50% deposit made.

At this point the date(s) are blocked out to all Holds or Challenges.

My Shoot / Event Canceled - What now?

A confirmed, signed Booking OR a Challenged Hold is subject to a 100% cancellation Fee.

This includes the 50% deposit + 50% remaining balance.

We will release the Booked Dates and strive to re-rent the facility.

The 50% deposit may be returned if another rental is booked on the same dates.

Can you Paint the Cyclorama (including chroma paint)?

Yes for an additional fee.

Dependent on paint pricing & scope.

Only StoodilyDoodleyO staff are allowed to paint the Cyclorama.

Can I drop in and use the Cyclorama as a Half Pipe?

Like my Wig collection, the Cyc is delicate & expensive.

Repair or Replacement can be costly.

Are you Soundproofed for Audio recording?

Sadly no.

While it is quiet in our space, we cannot guarantee silence.

Do you have ventillation?

Yes! We have an abundent supply of natural airflow while both small entry doors are open.

We can provide EVEN MORE by opening the rollup door and turning on our hurricane fans.

Do you rent Flats, Flooring, Windows, Etc.

Yes! Contact us for pricing.

Can I build a pool of molten lava whilst glitter cannons explode onto an Endangered Polar Bear?

Everyone has their limitations.

Disclosure of your scope of work is required.

We will work with you to help fulfill your vision.

Additional cleaning fees and/or insurance may be required.

Do I need Insurance? What kind?

Yes. Absolutely.

Commercial General Liability Insurance including Third Party Property Damage & Workers Compensation Insurance are required.

Waiver of Workers Compensation Insurance may be supplied upon a signed indemnifaction agreement.

Contact us for exact specifications and assistance

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