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This is the StoodilyDoodleyO Floorplan.
The Rollup Door & Entrance to StoodilyDoodleyO

18' high rollup for box truck direct entry into studio.

Some of the tools we use for set fabrication at StoodilyDoodleyO.

Set Shop build & fabrication capabilities.

View of our 30' Cyclorama wall.
Expanded view of our parabolic cyclorama at StoodilyDoodleyO.

33' wide x 20' deep x 16' high Cyclorama

A remnant of the former tenants, Star Glass Company, 'THE TABLE' is a communal gathering space and functional work desk at StoodilyDoodleyO.  It measures 10' wide x 6' long.

'THE TABLE' built in 1913. Mobile and removable if desired.

A view looking back into the studio from the cyclorama wall.
Another view looking out from the opening to our equipment storage area at StoodilyDoodleyO.
One of Two, 200amp, Control Panels at StoodilyDoodleyO.   We have a control panel conveniently located on each side of the studio.  Useable for wherever you may be working.  Additionally, we have a safe to secure hard-drives and un-released products when not in use on set.

One of Two, 200amp, Control Panels. Safe for hard-drives & Devices.

Our Hair and Makeup station at StoodilyDoodleyO.

Hair & Makeup Station

Another view of our Hair & Makeup Mirror along with the stairway leading up to our workspace / Loft.
Our Dressing Room / Private Office at StoodilyDoodleyO.

Dressing Room

The Stairway leading up to our lounge / workspace.   Additionaly, the entrance to our full, all gender,  bathroom with shower at StoodilyDoodleyO.
A view into our upstairs Lounge / Workspace at StoodilyDoodleyO.
Three of our adjustable standing desks and wireless charging desk lamps in the upstairs Lounge / Workspace.

Lounge with three adjustable standing desks.

We also have rolling chairs!
Three Person Sofa & half balthroom located upstairs in the Lounge / Workspace.
The view looking down into the Studio from the Lounge / Workspace level.

View from the Crows Nest.

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