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Happy Pride! From your Photo Studio San Francisco.

Photo Studio San Francisco | StoodilyDoodleyO
Happy Pride From StoodilyDoodleyO! Your proud Photo Studio San Francisco!

The first Pride was a Riot.   And to me, Pride is a protest.   A protest against all the hate projected onto those considered ‘other.’   A protest for all marginalized people.   As the founder of StoodilyDoodleyO - I could not be prouder to be an openly gay man.   Pride week is a reminder to appreciate my position of privilege as a cis white gay man.   It is also a reminder of the work we need to do globally for the entire LGTBQ+ community - including queer BIPOC communities and those identifying as trans and/or nonbinary.   

Marsha P. Johnson put it best: “There is no pride for some of us without liberation for all of us”

Our Photo Studio San Francisco is a welcome, safe space for all artists regardless of gender or sexual orientation.  We will continue to stand with our community during Pride and throughout the year as we attempt to assist artists in reaching their goals and expressing their true self creatively.

gayly yours,



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