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Introducing our Stoodily Team - Film & Photo Studio SF

StoodilyDoodley Team - Film & Photo Studio SF

Mark Welsh a.ka. markiedoodle - founder / ring leader / Oracle of our Film & Photo Studio SF

I received the nickname markiedoodle from one of my Uncles as I was always laughing and giggling as a child.   Therefore, it was only fitting that I named our studio ‘StoodilyDoodleyO !'

I opened up StoodilyDoodleyO after roughly 20 years in a career wearing many hats of a Set Carpenter, Set Designer, Prop Stylist, Production Designer, Art Director & Fabricator.  Nothing has suited me better than being thrown into this career path. It takes an obscure background combined with an eclectic group of skills to undertake the creative challenges thrown our way. Probably why I love it so much.

I grew up around carpentry and photography.  I was pulled in to assist both trades from a very young age and gained valuable experience from my mentors.  My degree is actually in Civil Engineering.  Somehow I found my path and couldn’t be happier.   Until the Corona Virus arrived in 2020.

I realized very quickly at the beginning of the pandemic that I loved the work that I do.  I missed it terribly during the initial shutdown.  So, I took advantage of my downtime and began creating a space where my ridiculousness could flourish.

The space is a dream to work in and also to share with others.   I am overwhelmed with joy being able to assist others with their projects and career development.

Personally I am an Uncle, a Husband, an advocate for homeless LGTBQI youth, a Hoosier, a Cheesehead, a swimmer, a backpacker, a traveler, a proud Gay Man, and most importantly; a seeker of the perfect .gif to send you during the most inopportune moment.   

I try to inject fun and laughter into my life and work as much as possible.   I find that it fosters a better sense of community which allows everyone to work and live in a better space.

Despite all the giggling, you will find that I am as relentless as I am ridiculous.  Regardless of your project, budget or intentions please feel free to contact me.

My Mid-Western upbringing necessitates I provide some means of assistance, whether directly or indirectly.

a.k.a. Chair Bish - my impromptu Drag persona.

Having some similarities to pop star Cher - my Drag name arose from my stellar DNA and seemingly age defying body.   That and a cheap long black haired wig I picked up to help officiate a friend's wedding in Drag.   Another friend soon impersonated Madonna and there was an immediate cat fight & runway walk off on the dance floor.   Alas, Chair Bish was born.   Chair = play on Cher.   Bish = I will slay you on the runway and/or dance floor.


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