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Introducing our Team - Film & Photo Studio SF

StoodilyDoodleyO - Introducing our team - Film & Photo Studio SF

Introducing our new studio manager Yasi Mawaz-Khan! 👏👏👏 at our Film & Photo Studio SF

Based in San Francisco, Yasi (@ymkphoto ) works as a commercial photo, video and experiential producer, with a goal to push creative boundaries through any medium. She has produced content for a variety of clients including: Apple, Levi’s, Disney/Pixar, and SKYY Vodka. She designs and fabricates large interactive fire sculptures with the Flaming Lotus Girls (@flaminglotusgirls) for festivals like Burning Man, Robodock, and Coachella, and is an active member of the Gray Area Artist Incubator Program (@grayareaorg). She’s shown her video art, installations and photography in galleries, and museums, both locally and globally. Yasi has also created a number of short-form documentaries and experimental films, several of which have shown at local film festivals and venues, such as Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Apature and 3rd Eye Festivals.

Yasi is currently in post-production on her first feature documentary, “Ace in the Hole,” (@aceintheholedoc) about Bill Kennedy / Belinda Williams, the magical junkyard fairy of Ace Junkyard, who made many San Francisco artists’ dreams come true.

She is inspired by the process of creation, collaboration, and birthing new ideas. She intends to give voice to those that have none, and by doing so bring attention to the importance of often forgotten people and the value they bring to our society and culture. Her influences include the community she lives in, good food, and a passion for exploring new concepts and methods of representation.

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, please stop by to meet us!


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