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Sticky Stuff at our San Francisco Rental Photography & Film Studio.

So excited to share this MASHUP of our shoot for Elmer’s Creations by Director / Photographer Stian Rasmussen ( shot at our San Francisco Rental Photography & Film Studio. Produced by the force of nature Brittany Sterling (@bsterling) who brought together an amazingly talented team who stuck to each other like glue through over a dozen unique creations, vignettes & sound recordings!

Agency @MMB_580 and Creative Director Jose Luis Martinez (@joseluissf) gave set designer @markiedoodle an AI inspired color factory environment for all of the creations & talent to explore. A very unique project involving inspiration from the digital world re-created into a physical environment!

Check out all the videos in the link! & Stay tuned for some super fun BTS moments.

Agency: @MMB_580

Creative Director: @Joseluissf


Producer: @bsterling

Cam Ops 1: @lukaszanoli

Cam Ops 2: @cadevlacos

Gaffer: @nick.vghn

Gaffer: @james_wilson.jpeg

Grip / Swing: @gomezica_

Audio Tech / Sound: @keenanjedidiahjensen

Digital Tech: @soliddigital

Production Coordinator: @lindsaylouise

Art Department: @markiedoodle

Art Assist: @pfunk44

Art Assist: @terrancegraven

Wardrobe Stylist: @debdapstyle

Hair & Makeup Stylist: @angelashippenmakeup

Agent: @aubribalk

Set Teacher: Susan Gill


@kalista.rangyyy | @starsmanagement

@kekeRayne, @d_bestboys | @modelsinctalentagency


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